The GW Citizen Mission Statement:

The GW Citizen is the official news bulletin of George Washington University Graduate Students United. Its purpose is to provide news and updates concurrent with the struggle of graduate workers to gain recognition as employees and form a union to represent our interests as such. The Citizen will also provide commentary as to the larger struggle for labor in higher education and the role of graduate students in reforming a system that mistreats educators and students in the interest of profit. Our editorial board consists entirely of graduate students at the George Washington University and is in no way funded or otherwise controlled by GWU’s administration.

“Why the Name?”

We chose to name our paper the Citizen because the university would rather us be “Colonials.”

If George Washington University is a community, than graduate student workers are citizens of that community. As such, we demand our rights to a seat at the table and chance to defend our positions and our livelihoods from an administration that has time and again chosen to ignore our demands for healthcare and a living wage. As citizens of this university we are determined the uphold the “GW Values” of Learning, Communication, Community, Diversity, Excellence, Respect, Service, Sustainability, and Teamwork (unlike the administration who approved them). If you share our desire for a more humane and democratic GW, we hope you enjoy the Citizen.